Sewer Line Inspection
Los Angeles

Sewer line pipes and joints are constructed from materials that wear over time or can become damaged from external forces such as tree roots, earth tremors, or erosion. A major break in your sewer line can cause catastrophic damage to your property and a costly repair. Our Los Angeles sewer line inspection provides cost-effective peace of mind that you are proactively ensuring the integrity of your sewer line. If the inspection uncovers a problem, you will know what needs to be done, and we will suggest the best way to go about it.

Why inspect your sewer line?

Your sewer line is continually under attack from improperly disposed of substances like fats, fibrous food remnants, paper, and the corrosive accumulation drain clog products – to name just a few. Because the sewer line contains water and nutrients, trees and other plants seek to breach it by boring into the pipe material or exploiting small cracks and corrosion.

You may also have a problem with the municipal sewer line. If it is backed up, it will then back up into your line.

Our team of certified inspectors does a full, professional, and knowledgeable investigation of your entire sewer line. Our areas of interest include:

  • Breaks or cracks in the line. If your sewer line has a crack, we will find it. Using our diagnostic tools, including an advanced technology in-pipe video camera, we can mark the exact location or locations where your sewer line needs repair.
  • Our inspection will also uncover offset sewer line joints from ground shifting. Southern California is host to frequent seismic activity, and while you probably don’t feel many of these tremors, they can impact the soil in your yard. Over time these vibrations can shift your pipes out of alignment and set the stage for clogs, cracks, and erosion around the pipe.
  • One of the most common afflictions mature sewer pipes experience is root intrusion. Roots can eventually collapse the pipe, causing sewage to leak into the soil around your home.
  • Pipe deterioration can occur from the inside-out by strong chemical drain cleaners. Many of these clog solutions are too harsh for your pipes, and if poured down a sink drain, get stopped by a clog further down the line, they can weaken the walls of the sewer pipe and cause a rupture during periods of high water flow.

What can I expect from a sewer line inspection?

Our inspector will find an entry point to run the video camera through the sewer line. It may be a cleanout point, or it may be through a downstairs toilet. Our investigation of your main sewer line, right out to the municipal line, begins here.

Our video is recorded and narrated by our inspector as the camera goes through the line. Points of critical interest are clearly explained so you understand the situation thoroughly. We will show you root intrusion, clogs and cracks if they exist. We will also detail the kinds of pipe materials you have and indicate if any of them should be upgraded or are showing signs of severe corrosion.

We will ensure that your sewer line is correctly connected to the main sewer line.

Our written, professional recommendations, including estimated repair costs (if needed), carry a lot of weight in the industry. We are unbiased because we don’t do the repairs. When you engage with plumbers, you are armed with the facts.

Sewerline Check

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