Frequently Asked Questions

Are your inspectors licensed?

What does a general physical inspection consist of?

Do you have insurance?

What will my report look like?

When can I expect my report?

Does your company offer repair services?

Do I have to attend the inspection?

Do all utilities have to be on for a general physical inspection?

Do I need to read all of the report?

Is a home inspection required when I buy a home?

Are home inspections and appraisals the same?

Can my home “fail” a home inspection?

What if the home inspection does not find any material defects?

Why would I want to get a pre-listing inspection before selling my house?

I was given a previous inspection report? Why should I spend my own money to have another general inspection performed?

Do you walk on the roof during the inspection?

Do you inspect under the house through the crawlspace?

Do you inspect the pool?

Do you inspect the chimney?

Is water pressure checked?

What about mold?

Do you inspect the sewer lines?

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