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Bringing peace of mind through non-alarming, comprehensive and affordable home inspections in Los Angeles.

"I used LaRocca when I sold my home. The office was helpful and rapid in getting us an inspector at our convenience. The inspector was professional in appearance, courteous and friendly. He was happy to answer our questions; however, the report was so thorough and easy to understand that there were simply no questions to ask him. I won’t ever use anyone else." – M.G.

Comprehensive and affordable inspections

"I have been on the home-buying side seven times and the selling side six times. I feel that LaRocca Inspections is the most competent and comprehensive available in the Los Angeles area. I heartily recommend the service.” – J.Z.

Home Inspections Los Angeles

Why have a general inspection?

Know your next move. Determining the condition of the home being sold gives the buyer and seller the knowledge to address any recommendations appropriately.

California is a Buyer Beware state. A buyer won’t know the “as is” condition referred to in their purchase contract without the help of Los Angeles home inspectors.

A faster and smoother transaction. A Seller who has pre-listing inspections can choose what recommendations to address on their own terms before listing, disclose the findings to accept an offer from the right buyer for their property, price the listing accordingly, and mitigate further negotiations for repair credits.

25+ Years of Operation

25+ Inspectors

100+ Communities

200,000+ Inspections Performed

Areas of Focus

LaRocca Inspections has been performing Los Angeles home inspections for well over two decades, and sets the standard for quality. Our inspection team is highly-skilled, dedicated and experienced. They are certified and exceptionally qualified, and bring knowledge gained in the construction industry – an added benefit. Expect a thorough, accurate inspection of the following areas:



Heating & Air


Pool & Spa




Adjacent Grounds

Parking Structure

Our inspectors are professional and courteous, and are available for questions at the time of the inspection and after the inspection is performed.

We perform inspections only. We do not perform any repairs or service to the systems or components. Our inspectors present unbiased findings with no conflict of interest.

We provide invaluable information contained in each inspection report to be used for the sale and in maintaining the systems and components in the future for the new owner.

Our Process


Visual Inspection

We perform a general visual inspection of the accessible and visible areas of the dwelling, parking structure, interiors, exterior, and grounds immediately adjacent to the structure.


Operational Items

We test the basic operation of the five major systems and their components: Plumbing, Electrical, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning, Roofing, and Foundation. We report any material defects or items of concern that in our opinion should be further investigated by a specialist.


Organize Findings

The three reportable categories are: Safety hazards; Items at the end of their useful life: Items not functioning properly. The focus is on material defects across these categories of the five major systems and their components.



Our reports go beyond the transaction. We include invaluable information/recommendations for the owner to help maintain the systems & structures and prevent unnecessary future repairs.

Useful Advice

Do not miss valuable and important information. The inspection service we deliver is captured and contained in the report. The onsite briefing for our clients is only a fraction of the information you pay us to deliver. To get the maximum benefit from the report it is advised to read every page, follow the recommendations included, and consult with your inspector if questions arise regarding the findings contained in the report.

Recommendations contained in the general physical inspection report may need to be executed immediately during the buyer’s inspection contingency period, in order to obtain estimates for repair or replacement, and submit requests for credits or repairs.

A general physical inspection is one of three dozen possible home and property inspections available. If you are concerned about hidden surprises and costs, before investing in your next home or real estate purchase, consult your real estate agent about the inspection options available to you.

Certain types of properties such as hillside properties, properties located near bodies of water, historical homes, commercial buildings, and industrial sites may necessitate additional specialty inspections that typical homes or buildings do not.

More importantly they are educators ...

Los Angeles Home Inspectors
Home Inspectors in Los Angeles

"I’ve been working with LaRocca since 2001, their level of expertise and professionalism is second to none. More importantly they are educators in the space of home inspections.” - T.P. Real Estate Broker, Residential & Commercial Real Estate

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Los Angeles House Inspection
Home Inspector Los Angeles CA

"I have been on the home-buying side seven times and the selling side six times. I feel that LaRocca Inspections is the most competent and comprehensive available in the Los Angeles area. I heartily recommend the service." - J.Z., Buyer

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