Chimney Inspection
Los Angeles

Chimneys can be an asset to a property, but they require periodic inspection for the safety of your home and everyone who lives there. Your fireplace processes fire and gases away from the room while retaining as much heat as possible. If you use your fireplace regularly to burn wood, you are likely building up soot and creosote on the inside of the chimney. A yearly chimney inspection is essential. A chimney inspection in Los Angeles will ensure your chimney is in good working order and not a danger to your home and family.

Why have a chimney inspection?

  • If you are selling or transferring your property, a level 2 chimney inspection is required by law. A level 2 inspection is a visual inspection done by video scanning to determine the exact state of the internal surfaces and joints of the flue liners within the chimney.
  • If your chimney has malfunctioned and allows smoke into your home, you need to find the cause and get it corrected.
  • External events that are likely to have caused damage to the chimney. Examples would be earthquakes, a chimney fire, or weather events.
  • Your peace of mind is important. You want to be sure that your chimney is safe and does not pose a health or fire risk.
  • You can avoid the risk of incurring thousands of dollars to repair your chimney due to a failure to maintain it regularly.
  • Our level 2 fireplace/chimney inspections in Los Angeles are expertly performed by Chimney Check technicians who are experienced, courteous, knowledgeable, and armed with high-tech diagnostic equipment.
  • Chimney Check technicians perform detailed inspections and write clear, easy-to-understand recommendations. We do not perform repairs or chimney services, so we are completely unbiased.
  • We can provide approximate cost estimates for any problem we identify. The estimate we provide will empower you to respond to contractor bids for chimney repair with accurate facts.

Our areas
of inspection

  • We look for cracks that may have been produced by age, earthquakes, foundation settling, or settling of the ground beneath your home.
  • We look for gaps between the chimney and the structure. Gaps can indicate that the home has shifted away from the chimney, and the chimney may need to be stabilized and realigned.
  • We look for stains above the fireplace because it may indicate the chimney is improperly vented and not able to remove the smoke efficiently. It could also suggest that fires made in the fireplace are too large for the chimney to process.
  • We inspect the entire fireplace system to discover any areas of neglect that can become a fire hazard.

What goes into our chimney inspection?

  • A professional visual inspection of every area that is readily accessible in the flue and fireplace system.
  • A video inspection with professional diagnostic equipment is used to evaluate the structural safety of the system.
  • We research the manufacturer’s installation requirements and local code compliance to ensure your fireplace meets specifications.
  • You receive a comprehensive report of all our findings and recommendations. Our report will include photos of any problems we identify, along with a repair estimate.

Chimney Check

For more information on chimney inspections provided by LaRocca Inspections, please visit Chimney Check!

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