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LaRocca Inspection Associates does not perform inspection report follow-up reinspections to verify that items on a Request for Repairs are completed. This is basically outside the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) Standards of Practice.

CREIA standards states “the purpose of the physical inspection is to provide the Client with information regarding the general condition of the building.”

Most of the items the general inspector indicates in the generalist report will require specialists to do further investigation and make any and all needed repairs. A general inspector cannot be expected to and usually does not have the ability to verify that specialty work was properly performed or completed correctly.

For example if a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist is called out to make repairs to a system, a generalist inspector can only operate the system using the normal thermostat but would not have the specialized tools or expertise to verify the totality of the work that the specialist performed or that all the needed repairs were properly corrected and completed.

Therefore it is a liability for all parties involved for a generalist inspector to sign off that a specialty system is now “Acceptable” when in reality this may not be the fact.

Our Recommendation

We suggest the buyer creates a request for repairs document telling the seller that all repairs, corrections or modifications, which are the responsibility of the seller are performed by licensed professionals.

When all the items on the list are complete, a statement of repairs performed, tradesmen invoices, warrantee documents, any applicable permits and city inspection documents are to be provided to the buyer for the buyer’s files and as verification that the work was completed and by whom.

Since “time is of the essence” all the items on the list and all related documentation must be completed by DATE.

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