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We perform several different types of inspections useful to a real estate transaction.

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  • General Physical Inspections Residential & Commercial

    Wondering about the condition of a property you are purchasing?

    Hiring a specialist to evaluate the major systems of a property can be expensive and is not always needed.

    Our general physical inspection can give you an overview of the property and help you decide what to do next.


  • Main Sewer Line Inspections
    Building Drain Line Inspections

    Do you know the condition of your main sewer line?

    Out of sight and easily out of mind, there could be unknown damage, root intrusion or blockages.

    Our main sewer line inspection will identify the condition of the line and provide you the information you need.


  • Moisture & Mold Inspections Residential & Commercial

    Did you know that moisture-related issues are a leading cause of damage to a structure?

    Our moisture and mold inspection can help identify potential issues and even advise on current moisture and/or mold problems if present.


  • Chimney Inspections

    Your fireplace may appear functional, but is it safe?

    There can be unknown structural hazards or fire safety risks within the chimney system.

    Our chimney inspection will help identify any hazardous condition and make recommendations including cost estimates.


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